30-DAY RETURNS (free for UK & EU)3

Special Terms & Features

At Dr Alex's our Mission is to provide quality healthcare products and food supplements that are:


Our aim is REACH (& a Healthcare Revolution!) - we want more people to learn and achieve the benefits of #Trusted Self-Help using #Trusted products from #Trusted suppliers. Our Primary Goal is nothing short of looking to change the face of healthcare - by making it realistically and reliably possible for you to help yourself.

That is why we offer 'science-sense' products, all hand-picked by Dr Alex.


We provide the best, because we know that not every supplement with the same name or the same ingredients is worth buying. And w
e want our customers to get great results to reinforce the benefits of their effort, their hope and their investment through their #Trusted Self-Help.

Formulation matters, ingredient compounding matters, ingredient derivatives matter, ingredient bio-delivery matters. 

And storage - we have an extremely-high focus on retaining product potency.
We receive our goods 'fresh' every week, making sure you get the longest Best Before Expiry Dates.

We store in air-conditioned and humidity-controlled environments.
And we refrigerate all our temperature-sensitive probiotics etc.

All Solgar products and many of the more sensitive products are in glass bottles.
This adds extra expense for the manufacturer and the seller - but glass is glass, and plastic is plastic.

And most of all we carefully select the products we sell to safeguard your investment and health interests.


ACCESSIBLE - we are here online, all you need is wifi and a device.
We are PC-friendly, mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly. In fact we are all-round friendly.

We trust you will find the flow through our website easy - but if you encounter any problems, just let us know.
We accept paypal as well as an enhanced range of credit cards eg to include AMEX.

WE are also accessible - you can contact us here: contact-us

Or email us at: 

Or use Facebook Messenger via:

Please also see our comments below...


CONVENIENT & SUPPORTED - you can shop 24/7, and we offer customer support (almost) 24/7.
And every day of the week, weekends and bank Holidays included.

Our Team are extremely experienced Healthcare Practitioners. 

We do everything online or using digital media.
This means that we can answer your questions in writing for clarity.
And keep all our records so we can easily pick up with you again.

This is part of our ethos of further professionalising the field of E-Accessible Mainstream, Naturopathic & Functional Healthcare.

It is our way of ensuring you don't get random replies from anyone, ever.

And Dr Alex oversees all contacts, by reviewing all our records.

It also means you can go about your day while you are waiting for our replies....

Mostly we come back to you within 2 hours, sometimes it is up to 8, weekends and bank holidays it may take a little longer.

We ask that you are OK about a short delay, where the reply is slower than you might like, especially when we need to research your answer or need a Doctor involved (for lab tests etc).


AFFORDABLE - all our prices are already knocked down to make it possible for you to buy what you need.
We are more of a Service-Focused Organisation than a Profit-Focused Organisation - and a % of our proceeds support Dr Alex's landmark Healthcare R&D (for which she has been received at Buckingham Palace by HM The Queen).

In addition we offer the following promises - with some Special Terms:



We do not seek to compete with anyone who sells quality products at ridiculously low prices because that may be because of issues with storage or other factors that can affect potency (eg buying in bulk and then holding stock in less than ideal conditions for long periods of time). We therefore do NOT price-match against any e-MARKETPLACE prices - where we cannot either be sure that the sellers are genuine and authorised stockists of brands that we offer.

So we match the price only as follows;

a. It must be the same brand, product, and product size
b. The overall price must include delivery costs
c. The product is sold by a Reputed Seller from their own websites
d. The price-match on the product does not apply to e-Marketplaces such as Amazon or EBay
e. The price match applies to the UK and EU. For the EU it must be that a trustworthy seller within your own country would sell it cheaper.
And the price-match for the EU must be for {their product price plus shipping} to match {our overall price for product, plus shipping from the UK at our prevailing rates}. We do not price match with the USA/Canada or the Rest of World.
f. We reserve the right to refuse any price-match - we will usually disclose the reason, for transparency, but cannot always do so
g. If we refuse to price-match, we will select a quality product that is cheaper to recommend to you that we believe may cover off what you seek to achieve. This may even mean us directing you to our competitors' websites (people we trust)! As we say, our aim is your accessible, affordable #Trusted Self-help.



Pretty straightforward ! it's exactly what it says it is - all worked out at the checkout, for your ease and convenience.
Please note that the free shipping amount will be calculated on the cost of products after any discounts have been applied.

Please note that this offer only applies to shipping to the UK and EU - we are unable to extend the offer to the rest of the world.


       3. 30-DAY RETURNS - and FREE RETURNS for UK & EU 

No quibble, no fuss, no questions. Some special 'Returns' terms apply as you can see here (eg bottles need to be unopened etc).

For the UK and the EU, we even pay the cost of the return of the product !

Remember what we said about 'accessible' and 'convenient'? We want you to be able to purchase with confidence as if you were in a shop.
From the comfort of your own home - or wherever you are, on the move.

Knowing that you can return your product to us, at no cost to yourself, should you wish.

The only exception is that we do not pay return shipping on any SINGLE product that was over 15 KG (eg a bag of specialist dog biscuits).
But we don't sell many goods that are in that weight bracket. And if you purchased tonnes of supplements from us, or other products, which in total were over 15 Kg and you want to send them back, that is also covered by our promise.


       4. 20-40% OFF SOLGAR PRODUCTS

We rate Solgar products very highly, and would like to see Solgar - where of value to the customer - in every customer's kitchen. So we sell Solgar at knock-down prices. Mostly at 20% off, but very often up to 40% off on selected / featured goods, which we change periodically.

Solgar are also committed to your health & wellbeing, so we wish to make a point of saying that Solgar sometimes offer us a discount which we can pass onto you, so that you can benefit from their care for your health. Credit where it is due!


If you have any questions, please do contact us.